Sam and Philly Accursio

About Us


My father had a love for farming and knew with certainty that farming was his passion.   With very little money to start farming, he did whatever it took to get started.  He took cab fares by day and would farm late into the night.  He borrowed equipment (tractors and cultivators) from other farmers, but had to wait until they were finished with them.  Dad farmed well into the night hours, and he would often tell us tales of battling rattle snakes and other predators that he’d come into contact with. Dad would rent or borrow a parcel of land and purchase the seed for one crop at a time.   He started farming in 1948 and did not stop farming until his passing in 1995.  Our father passed down the family business, Sam Accursio & Son's farms, to my brother Sam Jr. who is running the farm today.  

As long as I can remember, our dad was "passionate for produce"!  There was something special about farming as we were a part of something bigger than the vegetables we'd pick. It linked us to my fathers passion, to the earth,  and to God.  In farming,  my father taught us that we were part of a bigger picture and, as such, had a responsibility to ensure that what we did...we did with excellence.  There is something beautiful about farming - something basic - yet, special. 

 My husband Tim was born and raised in Homestead and his grandfather was one of the first truly organic farmers in this area. He worked in his garden everyday until his passing at 94 years of age. He loved growing and would have Tim tasting and tending the garden with him. He was a simple man but was so proud of what the ground and God would produce. 

Today, our father's passion burns brightly in our heart as we continue the legacy left us along with the respect of farming and the responsibility to help feed the world.   We feel it is a privilege and honor to help feed your family.  

Welcome to our family.   Welcome to Sam & Philly’s.


 Susie (Accursio) Ebersole